How to Become a Bookkeeper A Complete Guide

Bookkeeping / 15 octobre 2021

how to become a certified bookkeeper

This process of identifying, accepting, classifying, and recording financial transactions requires attention to detail, multitasking, and undertaking a lot of number crunching. It is not mandatory to be a certified bookkeeper, however a certified bookkeeper has the necessary skills required to manage companies’ books of accounts effectively. Moreover, it also adds a credential to your list of professional accomplishments. Although you don’t need a bachelor’s degree, it can make you more competitive. Only 12% of entry-level bookkeepers have a bachelor’s degree, so having one is an easy way to gain an advantage.

Then, kickstart your bookkeeping career by signing up for an  Intuit Bookkeeping Certification. Once you’ve met all of your chosen credential’s requirements and completed your preparatory courses, it’s time to take the exams. A bookkeeper certification tells employers that you have all the skills and expertise required for advanced bookkeeping. Accounting Analytics offers leading students a bookkeeping career with Accounting Analytics based on how well the student performs in their courses, exams, and internship.

Step 4: Choose Your Bookkeeper Certification Program

In other words, the standards for CPAs are much stricter than those for general requirements. Once you pass all four parts of the exam, it’s time to obtain your license. This process varies from state to state, though it typically requires you to complete one full year of work experience as an accountant. In some states, you must get particular types of experience, such as auditing, to actually obtain your license. To become a certified Zoho Pro, you just have to complete a one-hour webinar. As a Zoho Books Advisor, you’ll receive free software, tech support when you need it, and a listing in their Zoho Advisor directory so that small businesses that need help can find you.

  • Becoming certified in accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, or Zoho Books, is a wise decision, especially when the majority of your clients use that particular software.
  • To achieve certification, you must complete a four-hour certification course.
  • Once the data has been accurately recorded, bookkeepers must ensure that it is ready for the trial balance stage, in which the debits and credits are equal.
  • She holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and has served on the Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners.
  • Bookkeepers are not required to have certifications or specific education unless required by a specific employer.

You may also pursue certification programs or use online courses to become a self-taught bookkeeper. The best way to prepare for the certified bookkeeper exam is by studying early and thoroughly. Take advantage of practice exams, study workbooks, and other online resources to brush up on your bookkeeping skills and knowledge. Candidates for CB certification must submit evidence certified bookkeeper of at least two years of full-time bookkeeping experience or 3,000 hours of part-time or freelance experience. Bookkeepers can complete this experience before taking the bookkeeping certification exam or up to three years after passing the exam. If you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage in the world of accounting, look no further than a bookkeeping certification.

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